mamma o son

mamma o son

vår kära tjocka son o mamma! 

Postat av: Emptyhead

Dein Spriggs drove his own Byzanz to a 2:21.2 win in the $30,000 Gold Cup final in the Delvin Miller Memorial Driving Chakpionship Friday night at the Meadowlands. The race was contested at a mile and 3/16ths.

Byzanz finished 1 1/2 lengths ahead of Michelle Ruvola and Sorce Of Victory, with Thomas Williams and Ego Sum third.

Gene Miller also won with his own Bingham in the $15,000 Silver Cup. The 11-year-old trotting-bred Bingham raced on the pace early in his career and has 11 victories on that gait. As a trotter, Bingham now has 101 wins, giving him 112 overall for his career.

In pre-card action, Paul Minore scored a victory with He's A Blizzard in the Bronze Cup while Dale Zahn won with Lookoutforleesa in the Brass Cup.

2006-12-03 @ 18:29:17
Postat av: Linis

haha.. gud vad rund han är!

2006-12-03 @ 18:47:35
Postat av: Sara O.

Härligt foto på er :)

2006-12-03 @ 19:08:54
Postat av: hanna-evelina

hehe ja han är bra go och runt om kinderna! :)

2006-12-03 @ 19:54:01
Postat av: Frida

Menn vädigt söt var han .

2006-12-04 @ 18:00:12
Postat av: josefine

tack så mycket =)

2006-12-04 @ 18:25:34

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